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Basic Nutrition Biotin Supplement 5 kg.

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Biotin (25 mg per scoop) - Biotin promotes growth for strong, healthy hooves, mane and tail in a natural probiotic base. HBiotin is a water soluble B-group vitamin and is a crucial co-factor in hoof keratination. This sulfur containing vitamin  is especiall important for the maintenance of hooves and signficant for the health of all connective tissue structures. It stimulates keratin production in the hoof wall, sole and frog with an added benefit of improvement of the horse's general appearance and luster. Horses with poor quality hooves may benefit from supplementation at 25 mg daily. Higher doses are suggested for horses receiving little or no grain. Biotin is beneficial for hooves that are shelly and brittle.

Brewer's Yeast (30,000 mg per scoop) - This natural probiotic supplement promotes gut health improving digestion and nutrient availability. Yeast is an excellent source of B vitamins complementing Biotin. Contains all of the B complex vitamins.

RECOMMENDED SERVING: Each scoop - 33 grams

THERAPEUTIC DOSE: Feed 2 scoops daily (66 grams)

MAINTENANCE DOSE: Feed 1 scoop daily (33 grams)