The Hay Saver (Slow Feed) 250 L

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The Hay Saver is made to be used in the field with a clever design that will minimise hay wastage and promote healthy eating. This great product can be used as a Hay Saver (slow feeder), Water trough or Hay Soaker. The Hay Saver has a removable grid, so it lifts out like a lid to fill with hay and this also allows it to be used as a water trough in the summer.

Hay Saver Features

*Reduces hay wastage by up to 50% – compared with feeding directly on the floor

*Can be used in both the field and stable

*Big enough for two horses

*HUGE 250L Capacity! (Dimensions: 75cm x 110cm x 55cm Tall)

*Manufactured from TOUGH, frost resistant food grade plastic

*Promotes healthy eating and allows horses to eat at a natural level.

*Helps prevent cribbing, ulcers, weaving, chewing, & feed aggression

*Safe for shod or unshod horses

*Designed to avoid trapped hooves

*Huge Success in the USA The Hay Saver is the 1st Slow Feeder to be manufactured in the UK!!

*Total weight 10kg (approx)