Handy Hay Nets Trailer Size 1 1/2-Inch Holes

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This trailer sized slow feed bag holds 1-2 flakes and is great for travelling, small animals, or when you want to have multiple feeding stations set up around the property to keep your animals moving.

Why Handy Hay Nets?

  • They are affordable and well made.
    Our seams are hand sewn, which makes them more flexible and longer lasting *compared to machine sewn seams.
  • They are easy to load and tie.
    Our tie string comes in many colours, so each animal can have their own, (handy for barns or boarding facilities).
  • Our netting is made of strong soft nylon, which is very gentle on animals muzzles.
  • There are no knots on our bags for animals to grab or chew. No knots also means netting is more durable and won't get stiff over time.