Handy Hay Net Large Bag 1 1/2-Inch Holes

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The large Handy Hay Net slow feed bag fits 8-10 flakes or a small 50lb bale. Gone all day? This bag is perfect for your horse(s). For other farm animals it’s great for a small herd AND you won’t need to feed for a few days (depending on size of herd and animals needs).

Why Handy Hay Nets?

  • They are affordable and well made.
    Our seams are hand sewn, which makes them more flexible and longer lasting *compared to machine sewn seams.
  • They are easy to load and tie.
    Our tie string comes in many colours, so each animal can have their own, (handy for barns or boarding facilities).
  • Our netting is made of strong soft nylon, which is very gentle on animals muzzles.
  • There are no knots on our bags for animals to grab or chew. No knots also means netting is more durable and won't get stiff over time.