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Strictly Equine Uniflex Glucosamine HCL 4 kg.

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4 kg

Uni Flex is a pure Glucosamine Supplement.

​Glucosamine is believed to keep joints and cartilage lubricated. It also stimulates glycosaminoglycans, (the substance necessary for the formation of joint tissue.) This is important because as a horse’s body ages or is subjected to work and exercise, it may not produce a sufficient amount of glucosamine naturally. This can result in cartilage with a diminished ability to act as a shock absorber.

​Degenerative joint disease is a natural progression of aging, affecting all horses and characterized by a reduction in the cartilage which is the gelatinous matrix in between Glucosamine is an amino sugars provides a major building block for cartilage generation.

​Uni Flex provides excellent joint support, helping to reduce the onset of degenerative joint disease, improve mobility and recovery from joint injuries.

​Uni Flex will help improve joint health and reduce the onset of age-related arthritis and promote healing and recovery from joint injuries.

​​Uni flex is an easy to administer concentrated source of cartilage building glucosamine and can be given individually or in combination with MSM, Devil’s Claw or B Comfortable.

​Glucosamine hydrochloride 2125mg/25gr

25 - 50g daily as required (1 scoop is approximately 30 grams)