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Circle Y started saddle manufacturing in 1960 in the small Texas town of Yoakum. Still located there, Circle Y continues to produce high quality saddles and tack with the heritage and tradition the company was founded on.

Circle Y Flex Tree Topeka Trail Saddle

Circle Y's Flex-Lite trail saddles are beautiful enough to ride in the show ring, but comfortable enough for an extra long trail ride. 16" Seat.

Circle Y Flex 2 Trail Saddle

The construction of the Flex 2 saddle allows it to remain lightweight, a feature both horse and rider will appreciate. The ErgoBalance stirrup design positions the rider's feet and legs for decreased knee and ankle fatigue while promoting balanced riding. Skirt designs employs a shock-absorbing neoprene filler.
Skirt: 15" x 26"
Cantle: 4"
Weight: 25 lbs.

Circle Y Flex 2 Trail Saddle

Tooling: Basket floral w/border
Rigging: 3-way adjustable in skirt
Cantle: 4"
Skirt: 14" x 27"
Weight: 29 lbs.

Circle Y Flex 2 Trail Saddle

Tooling: Shell Border Silver: Engraved
Rigging: 3 way adjustable in skirt
Skirt: 13" x 27"
Cantle: 4"
Weight: 29 lbs.