Bridle Brackets

4-Prong Portable Tack Rack

SIZE: 17" Long Approx.
Portable Tack Rack with four prongs, the ease hanging over the stall, trailer or fence, makes this a neccessity for everyone. Choose from a variety of cool colours!

Brass Bridle Bracket

Brass plated bridle bracket.

Brass Horse Head Bridle Hook

Three dimensional solid brass horsehead with coat hook. 3-1/2" long.

Brass Horseshoe Bridle Rack

Measures 5" x 4"
Brass Bridle Rack Horse shoe style brass bridle rack.

Bridle Bracket


Flex Hook

Flex Hooks bend for safety to prevent injury to people and horses. Great replacement for metal hangers which rust and corrode. Ideal for holding halters, lead ropes, lunge lines, brooms, shovels and etc. up to 5 pounds. Available in black, green, forest, navy, purple, red, royal blue and yellow.

Large Tack Rack

Large portable tack rack features 9 swivel hooks. Measures 27".

Plastic Bridle Bracket

Red. Won't rust or bend.

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