Western Show Bits
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Bit Master Hand Engraved Pro Lite Showman Bit

With California pleasure 5" mouth, 7-1/2" shank length. Aluminum shank.
This mouthpiece is the choice of many pleasure riders. Unless ridden with a loose curb, this bit does not produce a lot of palate pressure. The narrow port and straight bars produce pressure laterally across the tongue.

Black Steel Dee Bit w/Barbed Wire Engraving

Black steel dee bit with German silver wire trim on rings.

Black Steel Dee Bit w/Copper Inlay

Black steel dee bit with copper inserts. 3" dee rings, 5" mouth.

Dee Ring Snaffle w/Wrapped Copper Wire Mouthpiece

Stainless steel ring snaffle bit with copper wire wrapped mouth.

Francois Gauthier, Antique Low Port Hinged Futurity Bit

5" sweet iron curved and ported mouthpiece with copper inlays.
Antique low port hinged futurity bit. Stainless steel brushed barrels. 5½" short shanks with 3 stainless steel dots. Excellent transition bit. The next step after the snaffle. Good for teaching the basic maneuvers. Very comfortable for young horses. Light to moderate effect.

Francois Gauthier, Brushed Short Correction Port Show Bit

5 1/8" sweet iron correctional mouthpiece with copper barrels. 7 1/2" stainless steel brushed Hi-Purchase cheek with hand engraved stainless steel trim. The Hi-Purchase cheek design allows better pressure distribution to the poll and a better balance. Helps to develop a lighter mouth. For the intermediate horse. Comfortable with a Moderate effect.

Francois Gauthier Brushed Stainless Steel Dee Snaffle Bit

Stainless steel Argentine smooth snaffle bit. Stainless steel snaffle mouth has copper inlays. Antiqued brown cheeks with silver coloured applies spots.

Francois Gauthier, Brushed Stainless Steel Show Snaffle Bit

Francois Gauthier, brushed stainless steel show snaffle bit. 5" (127mm) copper covered mouthpiece. 2½" (65mm) offset dees with silver coloured engraved trim and dots. For the young horse with average mouth. Moderate effect.

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