Rasps & Handles
For a complete list of all farrier pricing and products available, please download our PDF Price List. Additional shipping charges may apply due to the extreme weight of some items. Please call for a quote on bulk quantities. 1-866-669-2064 (toll-free) 1-519-669-2064 (local).

Heller Legend Rasp

This 14” Heller Legend Rasp is an aggressive rasp especially useful in wet, muddy and gummy conditions where the open tooth design resists clogging.. The thumbnail shaped tool cuts fast and smooth, and the staggered tooth pattern pulls straight and leaves a smooth finish.

Rider's Rasp Balanced Hoof Care


Save Edge Beast Rasp

The extra width of 14” “Beast” rasp provides 35% more cutting surface! The “Beast” rasp allows the farrier to achieve a level hoof in fewer strokes.

Save Edge Rasp

The  Save Edge 14” rasp has been the industry standard for many years.  It is famous because of unmatched sharpness and longevity.

Save Edge Rasp Handle

Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand.  These screw-on handles feature a heat treated thread inside for a secure grip.

Simonds Big Hoof Rasp

The 17" rasp from heel to shoulder, a full 3" more than a standard rasp, allows you to use fewer strokes. Used for warm bloods, draft horses, or any large hoofed horses.

Simonds Black Master Rasp

The premium Farrier Rasp! All of the proven features of Simonds Red Tang Farrier Rasp including Simonds special black coating that resists clogging, rust, and stays sharper longer.

Simonds Farrier Rasp


Wooden Rasp Handle

Screw-on handle for 14" tanged rasps. Wood handles have strong metal ferrules.

Woodmiller Ultra Sharp Rasp

Specially honed teeth that stay sharp longer. Resists clogging in muddy & wet conditions. Quick & smooth cutting.

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