The Dee-ring, as its name suggest, has a ring shape like a "D" with the straight part of the "D" attached to the mouthpiece of the bit. The straight bars of the Dee-ring provide a lateral guiding effect. This is because the bit ring is pulled against the side of the mouth opposite the rein that is activated, pushing the sides of the D against the horse's jaw, helping to turn him. The Dee-ring is especially fixed in the horse's mouth, because its shape does not allow the bit to rotate. The Dee-ring is most similar to the full-cheek. The Dee-ring is the traditional bit used in hunt seat riding, and is the most common in that discipline. It is also popular in horse racing. The Dee-ring is not as popular in dressage, nor is it seen much in eventing or show jumping.

Antiqued Brown Stainless Steel Snaffle with Copper Inlay

Stainless steel bit with 5" (127mm) snaffle mouth with copper inlay. Antiqued brown 2½" (63mm) dee rings with silver coloured appliques and spots.

Black Steel Dee Bit w/Barbed Wire Engraving

Black steel dee bit with German silver wire trim on rings.

Black Steel Dee Bit w/Copper Inlay

Black steel dee bit with copper inserts. 3" dee rings, 5" mouth.

Black Sweet Iron Twisted Wire Snaffle

5" (127mm) black sweet iron twisted wire snaffle. 2¾" (69mm) stainless steel dees.

Copper Wire Wrapped Half-Cheek Snaffle Bit

Stainless steel, copper wire wrapped snaffle bit with a 5" (127 mm) copper wrapped jointed mouth.

Dee Ring Snaffle w/Wrapped Copper Wire Mouthpiece

Stainless steel ring snaffle bit with copper wire wrapped mouth.

Francois Gauthier, Brushed Stainless Steel Bit

Francois Gauthier, brushed stainless steel bit. 5" (127mm) curved mouthpiece with copper inlay. For the young horse with average mouth. Moderate effect.

Francois Gauthier, Brushed Stainless Steel Show Snaffle Bit

Francois Gauthier, brushed stainless steel show snaffle bit. 5" (127mm) copper covered mouthpiece. 2½" (65mm) offset dees with silver coloured engraved trim and dots. For the young horse with average mouth. Moderate effect.

Francois Gauthier Stainless Steel Twisted Dee Snaffle

Francois Gauthier, brushed stainless steel Dee ring snaffle bit. 5" (127mm) smooth and square twist mouthpiece. Helps to develop a young competition horse’s mouth. 2 1/2" (65mm) rings. Moderate effect.

Kelly Silver Star No-Pinch 3-Piece Snaffle

No pinch ring with 5” twisted sweet iron snaffle mouth with dogbone center.
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Korsteel Copper Mouth Dee-Ring Bit


Offset Double Twisted Copper Wire Mouth

5" (127 mm) offset double twisted copper wire mouth. 2 ¾" (70 mm) stainless steel flat dees.

Offset Stainless Steel Dee-Ring Bit with Copper Roller

by Cavalier
5" (127 mm)
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Thick Hollow-Mouth D-Ring Snaffle Bit

by Cavalier

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