Curb & Training
A basic Western curb bit has a gently ported mouthpiece and shanks to which the reins attach. As the rider takes a feel of the reins, more leverage is exerted on the horse's mouth and also on the poll (where the bridle goes over the head, behind the ears). By increasing the amount of port on the mouthpiece, pressure is applied to the roof of the mouth also. Since Western horses are ridden on a loose rein, the longer shank allows the rider to utilize the leverage by giving extremely light rein aids and attaining the same result as a rider using a snaffle on a firmer contact. In the English curb bit the port can also vary in severity. In general the shanks on English bits are shorter than on Western bits - four to five inches on an English bit as opposed to up to eight or nine inches on a Western one. The English curb bit is often used in a double bridle. In the double bridle, two bits are actually used. One is the curb, called the Weymouth and one is the snaffle, called the Bridoon. Both of these bits are used together to refine the aids in the higher levels of dressage competition.
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Bit Master Sweet Iron Snaffle with Loose Shank

5" mouth
7/16" sweet iron snaffle with loose shank, 5" mouth, 4" shank length. Low leverage shank is gentle on a colt, but the rider can still keep control in difficult situations.

Black Satin Flat Cavalry Bit

5 1/8" articulated hinged port curved mouthpiece with copper inlays. 8 1/4" flat calvary cheeks applied silver coloured floral motifs stars and dots.

Black Steel Snaffle Mouth with Copper Inlay

Black steel. 5"(127mm) snaffle mouth with copper inlay. Swivel pelham style, 8½" (215mm) cheeks.
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Chrome Mouth Tom Thumb Snaffle Bit

5" mouth
Snaffle mouth. 6" Chrome plated cheeks.

Classic Antique Spanish Bit w/Hinged Port

5 1/8" hinged low port mouth with copper roller. 6 3/4" cheeks with applied engraved silver and copper trim.

Colt Bit Copper Mouth

Colt Bit. 7"(177mm) stainless steel swivel cheeks.

Colt Bit Stainless Steel Mouth

Colt Bit. 7"(177mm) stainless steel swivel cheeks.
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Colt Pelham Bit with Copper Roller

5" mouth

Copper Mouth Correction Bit

Stainless steel Copper Mouth Correction Bit is considered one of the most severe mouth pieces available. Applies tongue pressure at both flexible joints of the port as well as on the bars of the horses mouth. 5" copper high port mouth, 6-1/2" cheeks.
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Copper Mouth Tom Thumb Snaffle Bit

6" chrome plated cheeks.

Correction Bit with Copper High Port

Stainless steel Correction Bit with copper high port and 9 1/2" cheeks.

Francois Gauthier Aluminum Correction Bit w/Copper

Aluminum smooth correction bit. 5" (127mm) sweet iron curved copper mouth.
7 3/4" (196mm) engraved aluminum cheeks. Suitable for any kind of rider’s hands. For the intermediate to advanced horse. Light and comfortable with a good effect. Moderate to strong effect.

Francois Gauthier Futurity Bit w/Copper Roller

Francois Gauthier, brushed stainless steel low hinged port futurity bit. 5"(127 mm) sweet iron curved and ported mouth with some mullen relief and a copper roller barrel. 6 1/2" (165mm) short "S" shank with silver coloured dots. Low purchase, with a slight gag effect. Good for developing a soft mouth for the young to intermediate horse. Light to moderate effect.

Francois Gauthier Hinged Port Snaffle Bit

Francois Gauthier, brushed stainless steel medium hinged port bit. 5" (127 mm) sweet iron mouth with copper inlays. 8½" (212mm) "S" shanks with engraved silver coloured trim and dots. For the more advanced horse. Medium to strong effect. Help to control right and left shoulders independently.

Francois Gauthier Low-Port Hinged Futurity Bit

Francois Gauthier, brushed stainless steel low port bit hinged futurity bit with short cheeks. 5" (127mm) sweet iron curved and ported mouth with some mullen relief. 6½" (165mm) swivel cheeks with silver coloured trim and dots. Low purchase, excellent transition bit, the next step after a snaffle. Good for teaching the basic maneuvers to the young horse. Light to moderate effect.

Jointed Port Mouth with Stainless Steel Roller Training Bit

Stainless steel training bit. 5"(127mm) jointed port mouth with stainless steel roller. 6"(168mm) cheeks.
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Loose Jaw Colt 7/16" Smooth Sweet Iron

5" mouth
5" Cheeks. Excellent for leaving a ring snaffle and introducing a small amount of curb pressure. Young horses as well as tender mouthed horses will accept this mouthpiece well.
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Nickel Plated Curb Bit - Low Port Mouth

5" mouth
Nickel plated curb bit with low port mouth. 7-1/2" cheeks.

Precision, Stainless Steel Correction Bit

Precision, stainless steel correction bit. 5"(127mm) mouth. Flat 8"(203mm) cheeks.

Snaffle Mouth with Stainless Steel and Copper Rollers

Stainless steel. 5"(127mm) snaffle mouth with stainless steel and copper rollers. 7"(177mm) swivel cheeks.

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