Curb Straps & Bit Accessories
A curb chain a linked chain or leather strap that runs under the chin groove of the horse from one cheekpiece to the other. It often has a "fly link" in the middle to apply a lip strap (used to keep the horse from grabbing the shank and to keep the curb chain from unfastening). A curb chain applies pressure to the chin groove when the curb rein of the bit is used. It also applies pressure to the bars of the mouth through the bit's mouthpiece, as it acts as a fulcrum. It should only tighten when the curb ring is rotated back 45 degrees.
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Americana Rounded Curb Strap

Brass hardware adds flair to these harness leather curb straps. Made from 5/8" weather-resistant russet harness leather. Edges are smoothed for a finished look and added comfort. Features non-rust solid brass buckles.
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Chain Curb Strap

Single or double chain. 4-1/2" chrome plated chain with 5/8" leather end straps.

Curb Chain

Stainless steel, 24 link flat chain. 9½" long.
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Curb Hooks

Stainless Steel.
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Deluxe Flat Chain Curb Strap

5/8" dyed edges, skirting leather straps with double link chrome plated flat double chain.
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Deluxe Leather Curb Strap

5/8" round leather curb with two nickel buckles.

Double Chain Curb Strap with Removable Strap

4¼" chrome plated chain with ⅝" removable leather end straps with hand stained edges.
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Economy Nylon Curb Chain

4½" chrome plated double chain with polypropylene end straps.
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Flat Chain Curb Strap

Double link chrome plated chain with 5/8" leather strap.
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Horizons Curb Straps

The perfect match for Horizons tack. 5/8" harness leather. 4-1/2" flat link stainless steel chain. Nickel plated hardware.
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Leather Curb Strap

1/2" with nickel plated hardware. Hand stained edges.
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Nylon Double Flat Link Chain Curb Straps

5/8" nylon with 4-1/2" double flat link chain. Nickel plated hardware. Available in black, red, burgundy, blue, navy, purple, hunter green, and brown.
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Nylon Flat Link Chain Curb Strap

5/8" nylon. 4-1/2" chain length. Nickel plated hardware. Available in black, red, burgundy, blue, navy, purple, hunter green, and brown.

Spiked Bit Burr

Made of stiff black plastic.

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