Reining Bits
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Bit Master Correction Port Mouthpiece Pro Reiner

Correction port mouthpiece 5" mouth, 7-1/2" shank length. Correction mouth puts pressure on the tongue and bars, and collapses on the bars. A great stopping bit. This bit can be ridden with martingales or draw reins attached to the half ring at the mouthpiece.
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Bit Master Pro-Reiner with Mullen Barrel

5" mouth, 7-1/2" shank length. Puts pressure on the tongue and corners of the bars. Each side of the mouthpiece moves separately. Converts to a solid mouthpiece when asking for a stop. The half ring behind the mouthpiece allows a second pair of reins for martingales or draw reins.
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Bit Master Sweet Iron Medium Port Pro Reiner

1/2" sweet iron medium port 5" mouth, 7-1/2" shank length. Similar to the popular ported mullen mouthpiece, the larger diameter mouthpiece and the narrower port give this bit a different feel and somewhat softer action.

Reining Horse 3/8" Smooth Copper Snaffle

7" Cheeks. 5" Mouth.
One of the better control shanks. Loose jawed for better flex. The added curb ring increases the amount of curb pressure. Mouth is an excellent medium control mouthpiece and copper keeps well around salt water. From Reinsman.

Reinsman D&L 7" Copper Oval Mouth Bit - 738

7" Cheeks Attractive and very well balanced shank with a medium purchase for excellent leverage and good response. Good mouth for an injured or sensitive tongue or for adding stability to a horse that tries to over flex.

Stainless Steel Reining Bit with Large Copper Roller

Stainless steel reining bit. 5"(127mm) snaffle mouth with large copper roller. 8¾"(222mm) cheeks with chain.

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