General Furzone Clipper

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•Designed to work for general equine trimming, the "General" can be used for bridle paths, fetlocks, face & ear trims for 1-3 medium coated horses, all breeds.
•The 30-15-10 adjustable blade allows user to go from close (#30) face & ear trims to longer (#10) bridle path/fetlock trims on the same blade.
•INCREDIBLE 5-Year warranty
•Japanese steel blades.
•Kit includes scissors, oil, 2 combs, and clipper-comb attachments (for use on small dogs), 9.5' cord & Carrying Case.
•7200 strokes per minute.
•1 kgf-m torque (think "horsepower").

Heiniger Cordless Horse Clipper With Rechargeable Battery

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This cordless horse clipper from Heiniger is probably the most well known clipper of it's type on the market and epitomises quality and reliablity.

Heiniger Handy Horse Clippers

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The Heiniger Handy is everything you will need from a mains clipper. The quality of this Swiss engineered machine is second to none and has changed very little over the years.

Heiniger Saphir Cordless Clipper Kit

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An "industrial strength" clipper for all day clipping of horses, dogs and show animals. Small, cordless clipper for clipping animals.
Kit includes: Cordless clipper, Carry case, Recharging stand, 2 lithium batteries, #10 Heiniger blade set, Brush, Oil, Instruction manual
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KM-2 Speed Professional Rotary Motor Clipper

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The KM-2 2 speed is great for both light and heavy-duty jobs on all types of coats, including horses, dogs, cats, and barnyard animals. Special features include a snap-off air filter for easy cleaning, new sealed switch and protective blade gasket with a 16’ professional grounded power cord.

Oster A6 Primo Clipper

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3-Speeds, high power, enduring performance, comfort and minimal noise and vibration all in one clipper! The extremely lightweight Primo™ has it all. This advanced clipper is so quiet, you can't beleive it's that powerful!

Oster Freestyle Cordless Clipper

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The Oster Freestyle™ Cord/Cordless clipper is designed with Power and Versatility in mind. This unique product features an adjustable blade system that allows you to cut to five different hair lengths with one blade.

Oster Pro Care Touch-Up Trimmer

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•Precision T-Blade for Sensitive Areas
•New NiMH battery runs up to an hour & does not develop a memory
•Corded and Cordless cutting capability
•Compact Design is less than 6.5? long and weighs less than 6oz.
•Includes: Grooming Shears, Blade Oil, Cleaning Brush, & 4 Guide Combs (1/2", 1/4", 1/8", 1/16")

Wahl Super Pocket Pro

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  • Cordless battery operated trimmer for convenient use anywhere
  • Ideal for precision trimming (includes #40 blade)

Wahl® Chromado Horse Clipper

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The Wahl Chromado Horse Clipper offers the latest technology in clippers. 5000/rpm cord/cordless. Quiet, powerful.
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Wahl® Platinum Arco SE

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This powerful clipper has 1 3/4", high-quality, precision-ground professional cutting head and easy cleaning function.

Wahl RM 6000 Refurbished clipper

"Factory Refurbished." "Just Like New." Extra Powerful rotary motor clipper for heavy coated breeds. Fast reduction gear drive delivers over 6000 cutting strokes per minute.
More power than magnetic motor and pivot motor clippers.
Rotary motor clipper with precision ground adjustable blades
blade oil
cleaning brush
blade guard
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Wahl® Stable Pro Horse Clipper

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Clipper Model #58860
Direct drive rotary motor with #1037 satin chrome adjustable blade set. Cool running and extremely quiet.

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