The gag is a type of bit that uses leverage-cheeks (there is no curb chain, so no true leverage) to increase its severity. It works on the horse's lips and poll simultaneously. The pressure on the lips tends to make the horse raise its head, which is useful for a horse that tends to take a bit down and run off. However, a gag bit encourages a high, stiff neck. Gag bits are used mainly for horses that are strong pullers or for horses that need retraining. Gag bits are most commonly seen in polo, eventing (especially for cross-country), and show jumping. They are not permitted at any level of dressage, and are never seen worn by hunter seat horses.


Black Sweet Iron Snaffle Mouth Gag

5"(127mm) black sweet iron snaffle mouth. 7½" (190mm) stainless steel, gag cheeks.
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Eggbutt Gag Snaffle Bit

by Cavalier
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Half Circle Gag 7/16" Smooth Sweet Iron

5" Mouth
3" Cheeks. Riders who use draw gags to train colts find this to be very effective to teach a colt to carry his head. This bit has less rate and more break at the poll.
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The "H" Gag 7/16" Smooth Sweet Iron

5" mouth
6 1/2" Cheeks. Very nice 6 1/2" gag shank that has good control and very good gag action. Excellent bit whether training or competing. The smooth sweet iron snaffle is the most popular mouthpiece. Good control and very easy to pack. Excellent for younger horses or older horses with a good mouth. From Reinsman.
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Junior Cow Horse 7/16" Smooth Sweet Iron

5" mouth
5" Cheeks .This cheek gets more popular every day. It helps to get your horse's legs underneath him and his rear end down. The Short Gag action collects a horse very well. The smooth sweet iron snaffle mouthpiece is our most popular and is light enough to pull young colts around without damaging their mouth. From Reinsman.

Korsteel Jointed Rubber Mouth Gag

levels of training and competition. Korsteel products are crafted from materials of the highest quality.
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Sharon Camarillo Tender Touch

5-1/2" mouth
5" Cheeks. Nice transition bit for introducing the indirect control of leverage from the shank and pressure from the curb chain. Works off tongue, lips and bar pressure. Adjust headstall up to touch or one wrinkle and loosen curb to 3-4 fingers to allow gag action to work properly.

Stainless Steel Sweet Iron Gag Bit w/3-Piece Mouth

Stainless steel. 5" (127mm) sweet iron 3-piece mouth with copper rollers. 7 1/2" (190mm)
sliding cheeks.

Sweet Iron Twisted Wire Mouth Snaffle Gag

5"(127mm) sweet iron twisted wire snaffle mouth. 7½"(190mm) stainless steel, gag cheeks.

Tough One Sweet Iron Gag Bit

An all-purpose bit. The rope nosepiece gives a soft feel. 5" sweet iron mouth piece. 7" stainless steel shanks. Excellent for training young horses.
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Wonder Gag Bit with Sweet Iron Mouth

5"(127mm) black sweet iron snaffle mouth. 7½" (190mm) stainless steel, gag cheeks.

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