Hobbles & Twitches

Economy Nylon/Fleece Hobble

Fleece lined 2" web with nickel plated buckles and swivel connecting chain.

Breeding Hopples

Made of nylon with a snap for quick removal

Chain Hobbles

With nickel plated swivel chain. 1-1/2" strap with a wide cuff inside to prevent chafing. Cuff is folded double.

Figure 8 Hobble

Double and stitched latigo leather. 1-1/2" wide. Made with one ring and one buckle.

Fleece Lined Nylon Hobbles

Fleece lined 2" brown web with nickel plated buckles and swivel connecting chain.

Kicking Chains

Rapidly teaches horse not to kick by punishing him when he does. Fleece lined brown nylon web.

Leather Grazing Hobble

Grazing style hobble of double and stitched latigo leather with heavy chromed steel dees and buckle.

Stake Out Hobble

Fleece lined 2" brown nylon web with nickel buckle and dee.

Twitch w/Coated Handle

An easy to use one man twitch, it is the most humane. Will not slip or stop circulation.

Twitch w/ Plastic Handle

Less pressure than chain end with more secure grip. Sturdy PVC handle with nylon rope end.

Weaver One Man Twitch

This easy to use twitch offers several positions for desired pressure and size of horse. Place over the upper lip and squeeze handle until it locks in the appropriate notch. Made from steel with nickel plating to prevent bending and breaking. Weighs 1 lb. and is a compact 12" long.

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