Shoe Pullers & Crease Nail Pullers
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Tough, rigid blades get a grip under the shoe edge to loosen nails and help your wrist take the twist. Designed for maximum ease under the horse and to minimize hoof wall damage.

C10A Farrier’s Pincher

Heavy duty pincher with a deep throat of 1-1/4”. The only tool for pulling horse shoes and cutting excess length of clinches. 14” overall length.

GE 14” Shoe Puller

This shoe puller has the width and lenght to afford maximum leverage with minimal effort.

GE Crease Nail Puller

Drop forged from chrome molybdenum steel. Designed to lock over the nail head and along its taper to remove a single nail from creased, swedged, or fullered shoes.

MFC 12" Crease Nail Puller

The MFC Crease Nail Puller is the best tool on the market. Why?? Because their design allows them to get a better hold on nails. They are made of H-13 steel which makes them last longer than all crease nail pullers on the market. And they come with a six month guarantee.

MFC 12" Shoe Puller

The MFC 12" Shoe Pull offs are made of H-13 steel blades with a stainless steel handle. They come with a 1" blade. These pull offs are designed to easily pull shoes and then make quick work of your nail. All MFC Shoe Pull Offs come with a six month guarantee to be free of defects.

NP12 Diamond Crease Nail Puller

Removes nails from crease of shoes that have been on horse for some time.

Mustad Crease Nail Puller

Gets into tight spots that other farrier tools can’t reach. Slender jaws slip into the crease of shoes to allow for easy removal of nails.

SP 12 Shoe Puller

Has exclusive pattern with sharp teeth on outside edges for ease in spreading most shoe sizes and styles. Can also be used for cutting nails.

Tough1 15" Shoe Puller

Chrome vandium steel

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