Cribbing & Grazing Control

Bar Muzzle

Bar Muzzle
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Best Friend Cribbing Muzzles

The Best Friend™ Cribbing Muzzle allows horses to eat and drink while gently and humanely limiting the damage from a number of undesirable equine behaviors, including, cribbing and/or wood-chewing, chewing blankets, bandages or wounds, chewing other objects, biting other horses, biting themselves or biting people.

Best Friend Clip On Grazing Muzzle

Grazing Muzzle by Best Friend®
The Best Friend® Standard Grazing Muzzle attaches to your own leather or breakaway halter with four adjustable hook-and-loop straps.

Best Friend Deluxe Grazing Muzzle

On Sale Until June 15th!
An all-in-one design that does not require a halter and uses a breakaway plastic buckle in the headstall for safety.
Best Friend™ Grazing Muzzles are recommended by equine health professionals to prevent, as well as treat, laminitis, founder, obesity, colic and other diet-related diseases.

Best Friend's Have-A-Heart Grazing Muzzle

On Sale until June 15th!
The Have-A-Heart has all the features and benefits of the BF Deluxe Grazing Muzzle plus noseband can be expanded to reduce potential rubbing.
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Miracle Collar by Weaver

The Miracle Collar features a patented, anatomically correct fit which allows it to be worn comfortably and applies pressure only when the horse attempts to crib. As a result, horses can wear the Miracle Collar without pain or discomfort while drinking, eating, grazing or being ridden.
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Miracle Collar Fleece Covers

Washable maize fleece browband and jowl covers provide extra cushioning and protection. Browband cover simply slips over Miracle Collar's browband. Jowl covers attach with self-gripping Velcro® closures. One size, fits medium and large Miracle Collars.

Neoprene Grazing Muzzle

COB size
Helps control intake of grass for overweight horses or ponies. Black.

Neoprene Grazing Muzzle

HORSE size
Helps control intake of grass for overweight horses or ponies. Black.

Neoprene Grazing Muzzle


Helps control intake of grass for overweight horses or ponies. Black.

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