The world’s ‘most asked for' horses since 1950! Hand-painted and accurately detailed – no two are exactly alike - Breyer®’s Traditional line brings the world of horses alive with the most authentic and realistic model horses available today! Sculpted in 1:9 scale.


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Champion Hunter Pony

Nothing is more important to a young rider than a safe, reliable mount, and veteran competitor Ballou is just that! The adorable 1999 Welsh Pony gelding, with his distinctive blaze, has been a regular at top shows on the pony hunter circuit. Ballou's first big win was at the 2007 United States Equestrian Federation's (USEF) Pony Finals, where he and then-owner Victoria Colvin won the Small Green Pony Hunter Championship. With rider Daisy Farish in the saddle, Ballou went on to win the 2010 Devon Horse Show Grand and Small Pony Hunter Championship, was named the 2010 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival's Gotham North Small Pony Hunter Circuit Champion, and won the Overall Small Pony Hunter Grand Championship at the 2011 USEF Pony Finals! His other accomplishments include wins at the Hampton Classic, Lake Placid Horse Show, and Pennsylvania National Horse Show!

Ballou is owned by Dr. Betsee Parker, who is well-known in the hunter/jumper community for her barn full of top-notch horses and ponies and her involvement in the sport. Dr. Parker says of Ballou's relationship with his riders, "He is a very loyal and faithful friend." With his looks, skills and personality, what more could a young rider ask for?


Ben Cartwright's Buck

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BONANZA® 50th Anniversary!

Countless Americans grew up on this classic Western television series, which debuted in 1959 and ran until 1973. The series, which featured Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Pernell Roberts, chronicled the adventures of Ben Cartwright® and his three sons on their sprawling Ponderosa Ranch in Nevada Territory during the 1860s.

Big Chex to Cash

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breed: Quarter Horse
color: Palomino & White
pattern: Overo
Breed a National Reining Horse Association World Champion to one of the sport’s all-time leading producers, and what have you got? Why, a palomino overo stallion named Big Chex to Cash, who has earned over $200,000 and several national reining championships.

Black Caviar

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Undefeated in 22 Races!
Black Caviar, the Australian Racing Thoroughbred sensation, is creating international hysteria by shattering records and delivering unrivaled performances on two continents! Excited fans eagerly gather in the thousands to watch this powerful mare with her distinctive salmon coloured silks with black spots fly down the track to claim victory after victory. Currently undefeated in 22 races, Black Caviar was officially rated #1 on the World Thoroughbred Rankings in March 2011 by the Federation of Horse Authorities, and is the highest rated sprinter in the world. Number 22 of her winning streak was in the 2012 G1 Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot in the United Kingdom, which was followed by a special congratulatory pat from Her Majesty the Queen. This incredible performance highlighted just how exceptional Black Caviar is, as she was the first mare to win this race in almost 30 years!

This seemingly unstoppable mare is trained by Peter Moody and has been ridden by jockey Luke Nolen in all but three races. Known as ‘Nelly' to her friends, Black Caviar's winnings total more than $6.8 million Australian Dollars. As of June 2012, she holds the modern day world record for the longest unbeaten career in international racing, breaking the records of Australian champions Gloaming and Desert Gold and the U.S.A.'s Zenyatta.

Brookside Pink Magnum

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Welsh Pony Stallion
Brookside Pink Magnum, a striking red roan Section B stallion, exudes his breed's type standards with his dished face, bold eye, tiny ears, and beautiful movement. A testament to the wonderful temperament of the Welsh Pony, Magnum loves giving "kisses" to everyone he meets!

With offspring having success at breed shows and prestigious events like the Devon Horse Show and the USEF Pony Finals, it is no wonder that Brookside Pink Magnum is becoming an in-demand sire!

Clydesdale Mare & Foal

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Known as “gentle giants” for their large size and easy-going temperaments, the Clydesdale is used for pulling, riding, and driving. While their coloring is typically bay or chestnut with flashy white feathering on their legs, some Clydesdales will display excessive white markings or a roan coloring, as seen in the white patch of color on the this mare’s belly.

Elvis' Bear

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A horse-buying trip to Walls, Mississippi, led the gospel singer and King of Rock and Roll to a 65-foot tall, bright white cross on a cattle ranch with a "For Sale" sign out front. Elvis® bought the ranch, renamed it the Circle G (for Graceland®), and found a smooth gaited horse to ride along its fence line: a prize-winning, flat-shod black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, named Bear.

GG Valentine & Heartbreaker

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Champion Hunter Mare and Her Foal
Legendary Hunter Mare GG Valentine, trained by Susie Schoelkopf and ridden by Jennifer Alfano, won it all - Devon, The National, Washington and Harrisburg, as well as claiming the USEF First Year Green Hunter National Championship and more. After being retired at Devon, she became a broodmare and here she is with her Oh Star son, Heartbreaker.

Grullo Pinto

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The world of horses is full of brilliant colors and coat patterns in endless combinations! This beautiful horse is a shining example of a grullo Pinto. The grullo coat color is in the dun family of colors, and is created when a dun gene dilutes the black gene. This results in a distinct smoky-grey coat that is often referred to as "mouse-colored," with the head being black or very dark brown. The coat will also feature dun characteristics which include a dorsal stripe, zebra stripes on the legs, and striping on the withers.

In the American Pinto Horse Association, there are two recognized coat patterns: tobiano and overo. This grullo is displaying the overo coat pattern, which means the horse appears to be mostly colored with white markings. These markings rarely cross the back and are usually located on the horse's side and spread towards the rump or neck. A tobiano pattern appears to be a white coat with large, often overlapping areas of color.


Gypsy Vanner

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Color, personality, and lots of hair! These are just a few things about the beautiful Gypsy Vanner breed that will capture your attention. The Gypsy Vanner originated in the United Kingdom. Created by the Gypsies, these horses were not only bred to be beautiful, they also needed to be useful. Serving as a mode of transportation, Gypsy Vanners needed to be strong to pull large wagons in caravans, and kind enough to be around a family's children. Resembling a small draft, Gypsy Vanners typically have a heavy feathering on their legs, and have lush manes and tails. They can come in many colors and patterns, including piebald (black and white tobiano), skewbald (combinations of brown, red and white including tri-colored tobiano), and blagdon (solid color with white splashed up from underneath). The very first Gypsy Vanners were imported to the United States in 1996, and today this sturdy and intelligent breed is gaining popularity. They are still used for driving, in addition to being enjoyed as riding mounts, and can be seen on the trail and in the show ring!

Heartland High Tech

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Hackney Pony Champion

Hackney Ponies don't get much more impressive than Heartland High Tech! The 2001 bay stallion was the 2011 World Champion Hackney Pony Stallion/Gelding, and was the Grand Champion and the Open Champion Hackney Pony at the 2011 Lexington Junior League Horse Show. In 2010, this talented pony was voted the United Professional Horsemen's Association Open, Amateur and Overall Hackney Pony of the Year! Heartland High Tech was also the 2010 World Grand Champion Hackney Pony and the 2009 World Champion Amateur Ladies Hackney Pony.

Bred by the Kolkmans of Heartland Hackney Farm, the premier name in Hackney Ponies, Heartland High Tech is sired by Dun-Haven Bandolier and is out of Heartland Sweetheart.

Heartland High Tech competes in Amateur Ladies Hackney Pony classes with his owner, Helen Rosburg, and in Open Hackney Pony classes with trainer Ruth Gimpel. When he's not out winning titles, he resides in Florida. Rosburg notes that Heartland High Tech is an absolute gentleman and he always gives his all in the show ring. With everything he's accomplished so far, we're sure to see more from this pony superstar in the future!



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2008 Individual Gold Medalist & World Champion Show Jumper
He's been described as jumping as if springs were in his hooves. Hickstead, the 16-hand bay Dutch Warmblood ridden by Canadian Olympic medalist, Eric Lamaze, was already a legend of his sport before his untimely death in November, 2011. The World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses ranked Hickstead (based on his performance record) the world's top show jumper. Together, Eric and Hickstead won Individual Gold and Team Silver medals at the 2008 Olympics. In 2010, Hickstead's four clean rounds at the World Equestrian Games in the show jumping championships earned him recognition as "Best Horse" for his discipline.

Highland Pony

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The Highland Pony is native to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Standing between 13 and 14.2 hands high, its array of coat colors includes the classic bay, black, grey, and primitive dun. This easy-going breed is used for both riding and driving.

Icicle Welsh Pony - Limited Edition

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New for 2014! Limited Edtion!

Indian Pony

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While many are familiar with the Appaloosa horse of today, the breed's origins reach way beyond the modern show ring! In the Americas, the Nez Perce Indians are credited with creating this colorful breed.  In the 18th century, this tribe began to breed colorfully-marked mustangs. Primarily a fishing tribe, the addition of their spotted mounts made a large impact in their daily lives. The tribe became much more mobile, and hunting and trading were made easier.  Their hardy and flashy ponies were both strong and intelligent - characteristics that the breed still possesses today. These uniquely-spotted horses were originally named "Palouse" after the Palouse River which ran through Nez Perce territory, the name evolved into the "Appaloosa" we are now familiar with! While the Appaloosa's coat comes in many colors and patterns, like this beautiful buckskin blanket Appaloosa, there are many features they all share: mottled (spotted) skin, striped hooves, and white sclera (the area of the eye which encircles the iris). No matter their color, the Appaloosa is a breed with strong roots in North America's history and culture!

Every Breyer Indian Pony comes with feathers, but only 1 in 6 will be chalky and come with colorfully painted symbols! Chalky models feature an opaque white basecoat reminiscent of some popular 1970's vintage Breyer models. This special model will be shipped randomly and cannot be specifically requested.


Let's Go Riding-English

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Everything she needs for a casual day of trail riding! Dressed in the latest casual riding attire, our rider is all set to hop on her beautiful chestnut Morgan mare for a fun ride. Morgan horses are the all-around versatile family horse, equally at home on the trails as in the show ring. This set comes with everything pictured as well as a colorful double-sided poster of the model horse hobby. This is the perfect gift for the beginning model horse shower who loves English riding! Includes: 1:9 scale Morgan model horse, English saddle set with bridle, 8" articulated rider doll and poster!

Let's Go Riding Western

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Timeless and seasonless, this Traditional® Series palomino pinto and matching rider is the perfect gift for any young horse lover or new hobbyist! The horse is tacked with a pink felt saddle pad, Western saddle and bridle. The rider wears an outfit of pink and blue that coordinates with the saddle pad and includes a charming cowboy hat with matching sky blue ribbon hat band. Also includes educational 11" x 17" double-sided poster!

Magic and Hamlet

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Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses
Magic and Hamlet are two miniature horses with very special jobs! The specially-trained therapy horses visit children and adults in settings such as hospitals, hospices, and schools to bring joy and the unique healing magic of horses to others. Magic was named the "Most Heroic Pet in America" by AARP the Magazine in 2010 for her amazing work, and one of history's "Top 10 Heroic Animals" by TIME/CNN in 2011. Hamlet, born in 2012, is in training to become an all-star therapy horse, too! As part of his training, he's learning to ride in elevators, go up and down stairs, and navigate around medical equipment.

Manco Capac

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Manco Capac is the 2010 Spring Collector’s Choice and the 10th edition in the Breyer Collector’s Choice series.

Mistral Hojris

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Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist
The pairing of Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris, a charismatic 1995 Danish Warmblood gelding affectionately called "Alf," has made the dressage world take notice! In the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris' strong performance helped their team earn the gold medal for Team Dressage. This marked the very first time Great Britain won a medal in dressage! This historic victory was made that much sweeter as it was won on the team's home turf. In the Individual Grand Prix Freestyle competition, Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris continued to shine and earned the bronze medal.

To those who have been following Bechtolsheimer's career, her 2012 Olympic achievements come as no surprise, as her years of hard work and dedication to her sport have amassed her an ever-lengthening list of accomplishments. After competing for Great Britain at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Laura was named British Dressage Rider of the Year. The following year, she and Mistral Hojris helped Great Britain clinch the silver medal in Team Dressage at the 2009 European Dressage Championships, and brought home the bronze medal in Grand Prix Special. Not losing any steam, they also brought home three silver medals at the 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEG): Team Grand Prix, Individual Grand Prix Special, and the Individual Grand Prix Freestyle. To top off their WEG achievements, the pair set the British International GP record for all three!

In 2011, Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris were again part of the British team at the European Dressage Championships, and helped bring home the country's first gold medal for Team Dressage! They also took home the bronze medal in Grand Prix Special.

With their list of accomplishments ever-increasing, the future is looking very bright for this talented pair!

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