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All Natural Breather Bleeder Paste 80 cc Tube

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Many factors may compromise your horse's lungs and proper respiratory function. Dust, molds, dander, bedding and certain food allergies may result in nasal discharge, sneezing and bronchial constriction. Shipping, racing/eventing and nights spent in retaining areas may make your horse subject to picking up low grade viral or bacterial infections. All these factors can place heavy strain on your horse's lungs, guttural pouches, and upper respiratory airways.

To improve stamina and overall performance; as horseman we must insure proper lung health to optimize oxygen intake. When we fail to maintain this important function of the performance horse we generally receive very poor results such as slow last quarters, tired and leg weary horses. Poor oxygenation and poor lung health can then steamroll into chronic muscle soreness; low immune function and exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage.

Easy-Motion Potassium Chloride

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1.5 kg
Potassium Chloride is an essential mineral that plays a key role in regulating electrolyte balance.

Tube Lytes

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  • Ideal for horses on Lasix
  • Use before and after event/race or training
  • Stops dehydration and heat stress
  • 300275

    Gut Coat

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    1 gal.
    Horses that suffer from stomach discomfort tend to be nervous horses, which don’t handle the stresses of racing or eventing very well. These nervous type horses can be difficult to handle and very often don’t compete at optimum levels.

    Although EMHP Gut Coat does not or will not heal gastrointestinal ulcers, it may sooth your horse’s stomach and coat the stomach lining. Gut Coat has a high concentration of Calcium Carbonate which for both people and horses has been used as a natural antacid. This is the primary ingredient that lends the most immediate comfort to your horse. With daily pre exercise treatment your horse may be more relaxed and be more manageable while also having a more consistent and stronger appetite.

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