Barns & Corrals

Cavaletti Set

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
Cavaletti are very useful training tools to develop rhythm and cadence in the equine athlete.

Chloe Travel Arena

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
Chloe knows that "practice makes perfect" and her traveling arena helps keep her ready to compete all the time! She's a super athlete who almost always wins that blue ribbon.

Classics® 3-Horse Stable

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
Adorable, easy-to-assemble 3-stall barn is the perfect place for kids to stable their Classics horses. Features pink roof and windows and doors that swing open and closed. Includes blue-and-white plank jump. The essential accessory for the Classics line. (Horses and Classics Horse Cruiser not included).

Dixie Travel Barn

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
Dixie isn’t afraid of anything and with her travel barn she’s always ready for adventure. Everyone’s best bud, she loves inviting her friends to pop in for some water and a bit of hay.

Dressage Arena

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
Wooden arena comes complete with four corners, eight letter markers, twelve rails and dressage booklet.

English Jumping Accessory Set

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
Take your Classics horse and rider to a jumping competition with this fun set! Includes a stone jump, tan English saddle and bridle, blue felt saddle pad, blue ribbon, and a silver trophy!

Jasmine Travel Boutique

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
Jasmine, a beautiful black Appaloosa filly with a keen sense of fashion, is quite the show-stopper!
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Little Red Stable

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
This bright red and white Stablemates barn is a must-have for Stablemate fans! Made of durable plastic, this three stall barn features a tack/storage area, four corral fences, jump, water trough, and three race barrels. Two stablemates included.

Metal Livestock Corral

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
To make a stall or square pen, these four connecting panels break down for travel. Locked together, they are sturdy enough to hold horses or cattle.

Deluxe Wood Barn with Cupola

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
The deluxe barn fits up to two Traditional Series horses. Includes two stalls with mats and built-in feed bins, sliding doors, hay loft, saddle and bridle rack and cross tie area. Made of natural wood. Assembled barn measures 30.5"L x 21"H x 18.5"D. (Assembly required). Note: Horses and accessories not included.

Wood Corral

On Sale Until November 27, 2014!
11 sections make a total length of eight feet! Matches with our Deluxe Wood Bard with Cupola, but is a great accessory to any of our playsets or just to keep your horses at home! Barn, horses, riders and accessories not included.

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