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Cavalier Fillis Stirrup Irons

Stainless steel with rubber pads.

Dura-Tech Black Steel Irons

Great looking stirrup iron that provides a clean and classy look
• Blends nicely into tall boots to conceal excessive foot movement
• Balanced and weighted to limit movement and quickly retrieve
• Steel fillis style coated with black nickel plating
• Rust resistant and are compatible with most stirrup leather widths
• Sizes: 4 ¼”, 4 ½” or 4 ¾”
• Weight: 18.4 oz.

E-Z Mount English

E-Z Mount® English

Korsteel Knife Edge Stirrup Irons Fillis

Stainless steel fillis stirrups complete with treads.
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Kwik-Out Irons

Stainless steel quick-release stirrup with durable nylon bristle tread.
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Nickel Plated Stirrups

Sturdy quality nickel plated irons - no pads. 4.50"

Peacock Stirrups

Fillis Peacock Safety irons have more weight than standard peacock irons, which makes retreiving lost irons a less tricky task. Stainless Steel with white rubber pads, rubber bands are included.
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Sprenger Double Jointed Stirrup Irons

Patented design stirrup helps keep the heel low and relieves pressure on the calf. Prevents foot from being hung up in the event of a fall. Widely used by leading jumper and event riders.
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Stainless Steel Jointed Stirrup Irons

Linked jointed stirrup irons, rubber covering over linkages. Complete with pads. - 4.50"

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