Draft & Driving Horses

Breaking & Training the Driving Horse

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A Detailed and Comprehensive Study
Second Edition Revised and Expanded
by Doris L. Ganton

This book is written with the training of a colt in mind, but the instructions can just as easily be followed to train an older animal or a saddle horse to drive. In the case of a saddle horse (depending on his previous training and existing knowledge) many steps can be speeded up or even omitted, but basically the steps remain the same.

8 1/2 x 11, photographs and illustrations


Draft Horses An Owner's Manual

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By Dr. Beth Valentine, DVM & Michael Wildenstein.

Veterinarian Beth Valentine discusses how to gauge your horse’s health, special dietary needs of heavy horses, the particular disorders that affect draft horses, how to safely administer medicine, starting a draft foal, and more. Farrier Mike Wildenstein covers how to maintain a sound hoof, judging soundness, and other hoof-related topics.
•8 1/2 by 11 inches.
•238 pages.
•Hundreds of black-and-white photos and illustrations.


Draft Horse Images

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By Robert Mischka

This is a picture book organized into twelve photo essays. There are stories about the 1992 National Belgian Show, the Belgian Championship II Show, the Live Oak Show, and the Milwaukee Circus Parade.


Draft Horses Today

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By Robert Mischka

An overview of today's draft horse and mule scene. Chapters on how to find vehicles and equipment for draft horses and learning to use your horses .An excellent book for newcomers or a great gift book.
290 full color photos.
176 pages.8 1/2" x 11".Hardcover.


Drive On

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By Doris L Ganton

A great book on training and showing the advanced driving horse.Has some photos and illustrsations.179 pages.
6" x 9".Paperback.

Driving Do's & Dont's

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Driving Do's and Don'ts (Threshold Picture Guide #37)
By Sallie Walrond

This picture guide aims to help drivers avoid common mistakes to become a safer, more proficient driver by providing common sense advice on a wide range of driving topics.

Folio: 24 pp.
Size: 7.5" x 9.75"
Illustrations: Full color
Published: 1996


Driving Horses (Harness, Hitch, Align)

Driving Horses is the classic reference guide for people who drive horses, whether on the farm, in competition, or as a business. If you've never harnessed a horse before, how do you make sense of all those straps and buckles? How do you hitch a pair so they pull evenly? How do you hold the reins? Driving Horses explains what you need to know to work with your horses safely and efficiently, so you - and the horses - get the most out of each day.

Driving Questions Answered

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Driving Questions Answered (Threshold Picture Guide #34)
By Sallie Walrond

Answers the most commonly asked questions of the beginning/intermediate driver, in the picture guide format of 24 pages of concise text combined with beautiful full color drawings by Carole Vincer.

Folio: 24 pp.
Size: 7.5" x 9.75"
Illustrations: Full color
Published: 1995


Haying With Horses

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By Lynn Miller

In this big book Miller offers in-dept information on mowers, rakes, hayloaders, buckrakes, stackers, tracks and trollies for barns, hay fork systems, balers, wagons,feed sleds, forecart adaptions and much more. It also covers how to build loose hay stacks and wagon loads as well as unloading and feeding systems. 366 pages. Hundreds of illustrations. 8 1/2" x 11". Softcover.


Horses, Harness & Homesteads

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By Merlin D Ford.

This book covers the history of the draft horse in Saskatchewan. From horse breeders to the early settlers this book will take you done memory lane. Lots of old pictures.
•8 1/2" x 11" Soft cover.
•240 Pages.


Implements for Farming w/Horses & Mules

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By Sam Moore

This book, by Sam Moore of Rural Heritage, covers most of the farm implements used with horses today. It not only describes them, but shows you how to use each piece of machinery, adjust it for good work, and maintain it. Drawing on a lifetime studying horsedrawn machinery and farming implements, Moore provides expert knowledge about tillage equipment, haymaking implements, planting and cultivating machines, and a lot more.
•Over 300 pages.
•8.5 x 11 inches.
•Well illustrated.


It's Showtime!

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A Beginner's Guide to Showing Draft Horses

By Robert Mischka.

This book covers what judges look for,grooming your horse for the show ring,what to bring to the show,what to bring to the show,how to safely transport horses,shoing for the showring,showing at halterand in harness,tail tying,mane rolling,preparation at home.Includes sources for show supplies and other valuable references.
-128 pages.140 b&w photos.
-7 1/2" x 10".Hardcover.


The New Horse-Powered Farm

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by Steven Leslie
The first book of its kind focusing on small scale commercial vegetable farming with horses. Although this book is geared towards market gardening, much of the information applies to all kinds of horse-powered farming. Covers necessary information for experienced and novice teamsters in Getting started with workhorses, Merits of different draft breeds, Various training systems for both horse and teamster, Haying, seeding, and raising small grains, In-depth coverage of tool systems, Managing a woodlot, farming economics, education, agritourism, A comprehensive resource directory in also included.
•346 Pages
•8" x 10"
•Soft Cover

Training the Buggy Horse and Training the Driver

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Horses can be safe and easily handled with a "well-broken" driver! 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 45 pp.

Training Workhorses/Training Teamsters

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by Lynn Miller

The most thorough book on the subject from work horse and small farm expert, Lynn Miller. Care, harnessing, training, communicating, correcting problems, handling, driving, more. 100s of photos and drawings. 8 1/2" x 11", 348 pp.


Work Horse Handbook, second edition

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By Lynn Miller

NEW! The original has become a classic and THE standard reference on working horses. The second edition will expand that reputation with hundreds of new drawings and photographs to illustrate the expanded text.


Horsedrawn Plows and Plowing Book

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The Horsedrawn Mower Book

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