English Seat Savers

Cashel English Tush Cushion

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Made with the same closed-cell foam as the popular Cashel Cushion™ saddle pads and will not collapse or give the way open-cell foam can. It will not absorb or hold heat.

English Gel Seat Saver

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English Gel Seat Saver is 1/2" thick gel with vinyl cover for ultimate comfort for rider. Fits up to 18" seats.

Eucalan Wool Wash

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Eucalan Wool Wash - A concentrated unique "No-Rinse" environmentally friendly formula. Eucalan contains lanolin that helps restore the natural lanolin that is lost during laundering. The eucalyptus oil deters wool-eating pests from feasting on your wool garments. This product can be used for both hand or machine washing.

Wool Table Lambskin English Saddle Seat Saver

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Lambskin seat savers allow the rider to sit more comfortably on the saddle as air passed through the lambskin fibres and evaporates moisture. Machine Washable. The moisture absorbing wool length is a thick 25mm.

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