Natural Horse Training Aids

Our Natural Horsemanship line is made with Samson 2 in 1 cord. The same cord used by professionals.


Burwash 4-Knot Sidepull Halter

Strategically placed knots on the Rope Halter cause pressure that gets the horse’s attention, causing the horse to yield and appropriately respond to the pressure. A Rope Halter can be used on any horse to gain his attention, disengage the hindquarters, back up, flex, bend at the poll, step underneath in the hind, move the shoulders around, and to move laterally.

Burwash Kanga 4-Knot Horsemanship Rope Halter


Burwash Kanga Horsemanship Lead 1/2" x 14'

14' lead with stainless steel marine shackle.

Burwash Kanga Working Lead 1/2" x 23'

23' long line with EQ cord. It has a 2" ring and carbineer clip for easy release and a latigo popper.

Burwash Master Series 12' Loop Lead

12' marine cord. This lead will supply the superior communication required for training.

Burwash Natural Horse Long Lead w/Snap 22'

Two lead lengths to help you achieve your training goals. Yachting braid 1/2" cord with heavy solid brass twisting safety snap at one end and leather popper at the other.

Burwash Natural Horse Working Line 22'

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Professional Working Line with 2" ring and carbineer. A must for basic colt starting and more advanced training beyond the 12’ lead.
Working your horse from a longer distance greatly increases the difficulty and creates challenges for you and your horse.

Burwash Natural Mecate Rein 22' x 1/2"

in White
Made with 1/2" horseman cord. Rein measures 22' in length.

Lead Line with Safety Snap

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1/2" white lead, 12' long with heavy solid brass twisting safety snap

Marine Line Rope Halter

A medium firm cord in a 1/4" smooth Kernmantle cover that will not stretch.

Mini Rope Halter

Rope halter for minis.

Natural Horse Halter

Made with 1/4" double-braided marine line, this halter is the ultimate in subtle communication.

Natural Horse Training Stick w/String

Non-flexing training stick with 6' removable string. Fiber rod is 48" in length with non-slip rubber-grip handle.

Training Stick with String

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Training stick with 6’ string.
White fiber rod with rubber handle. Match your string color to your halter.

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