Dressage Girths

Chetak Ronja Dressage Girth

in Black
Premium leather dressage girth. Anatomicall shaped to ensure comfort. Double roller buckles and 1 1/2" triple elastic. Stainless steel ring.

Chetak Comfort Leather Dressage Girth

in Black
Premium quality, sturdy yet soft leather. Shaped and padded to ensure comfort and fit. Nylon reinforced at the buckles for extra durability. Double roller buckles and elastics at both ends.
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Cottage Craft 2-Buckle Dressage Girth

With elastic ends. Black or Brown.

Cottage Craft Fleece Lined Dressage Girth

The Original patented Cotton-back web girth. Exclusive tubular Polyester material with a layer of natural Cotton interwoven on the inside to prevent rubbing and chafing. With high density, shock-absorbing fill and roller buckle ends. Washable.Two buckle fleece-lined dressage girth with roller buckles and elastic on both ends.

Lettia Fleece-Lined CoolMax® Dressage Girth

in Black
Fleece lined girth with CoolMax® lining for all year comfort.

Neo-Flex Dressage Girth

in Black

Waffled Neoprene stays strong and pliable. Won't gall, pinch, chafe or bind. Triple thick elastic ends and stainless steel roller buckles.


Pro Choice Dressage Girth w/Shearling

Designed with the overall well-being of the horse in mind. This girth puts soft, non-chaffing shearling next to the skin. The wicking properties of shearling accelerate moisture exchange providing added comfort, while elastic straps allow the horse to breath naturally. Premium materials such as stainless steel buckles and heavy-weight webbing, along with double stitching, ensure the long life of the girth.
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Pro Choice Dressage Girth

Perfect in form and function, the SMx dressage girth is practical with elastic and roller buckles on both sides, and more comfortable for your horse than traditional leather because it doesn't have to be overly tightened.

VenTECH Dressage Girth

Finanlly Ventilated Neoprene that Breathes!
SMx VenTECH Girths are the new standard for equine comfort and technology with all the premium features you expect from a Professional's Choice product. The trade marked VenTECH technology features a ventilated limestone-based, non-slip neoprene liner that conforms to your horse, allows heat and moisture to escape and keeps your horse cool, comfortable and performing at its best. Detachable neoprene liner peels away from webbing for easy washing.

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