Smuckers Harnesses

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Smuckers Deluxe Harness - Breast Collar Style

A versatile show-quality harness appropriate for the surrey, runabout, or meadowbrook vehicle - at an excellent price!

Smucker's Fine Deluxe Harness

With flat traces and reins. Horse size.
This show harness is designed for light fine harness driving. Comes with colored beading on the browband, caveson, and on top of the saddle. The beading is available in red, blue, green, gold, burgundy & silver. Other colors may be available. Certain colors may not be available at all times.
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Smuckers Lite Harness - Breast Collar Style

An economy harness used with lightweight vehicles. Made with overcheck bridle, solid brass hardware, and black leather only.
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Smuckers Pleasure Harness - Breast Collar Style

Great for every day use. This sturdy, reliable harness is recommended for light to medium weight vehicles. Complete with bridle.
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Smuckers Russet Pleasure Harness - Breast Collar Style

Constructed out of the finest English Bridle leather with the workmanship you can expect from Smuckers. Featuring the same qualities as the 110316 Deluxe Harness, but in Russet English Bridle leather with hand-stitched keepers. Horse size only.

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