Wipes & Towelettes


Miracle Groom Touch-ups

12 wipes, Jumbo Size 8"x10"
These wipes are great to keep around, especially for quick touch ups before shows. They are pre-moistened, and do not need any soap or water to use. Even better, they repel dust, and enhance the color of your horse. They are good for your horse as they are enriched with Vitamin E. These are a must have for any horse owner!

MOSS Brand Soothing Lavender Grooming Wipes

MOSS Soothing Lavender Grooming Wipes are the best way to clean the dust and sweat off your horse before and after a workout or show. MOSS grooming wipes also contain arnica, to relieve sore muscles in horses and guarana, a native shrub of the Amazon known for it's cleansing and toning purposes.

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