Wound Powders & Sprays



210 ml
Acts as a protective bandage for wounds in small and large animals. Allows wound to breathe, yet will not allow dirt or insects to infect wounds. Water-resistant aerosol bandage for use on large and small animals. An aluminum powder based spray that adheres to cuts, scrapes and wounds. Keeps dirt and bacteria out while allowing wound to heal and breathe. Apply after disinfecting the wound.
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Blood Stop Powder

200 g
A topical haemostatic used to check bleeding of minor cuts and wounds.

Blue Kote Spray

5.5 oz

Effective treatment for surface wounds, abrasions and ring worms. Fast drying antiseptic is effective against bacteria and common fungus infections. Helps dry lesions.

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Columbia Antiseptic Powder

An effective healing agent for use on small and large animals. Promotes the healing of wounds, cracked heel, hoof rot, saddle sore, and proud flesh.

Cut Heal Multicare Aerosol Wound Spray

Aids in the natural healing process of cuts, burns and rashes.
Cut Heal Multicare aids healing from the inside out. Most of the time it will not leave a scar or loss of hair upon healing.

Cut Heal Multicare Liquid Spray

454 mL

Dexamethasone Powder

Dexamethasone powder is indicated for those conditions known to respond to steroid therapy such as inflammatory, allergic or dermatologic states.

Mane n' Tail Pro-Tect Topical Skin & Wound Spray Treatment

32 oz.
Provides complete protection for skin and wound application
  • Highly effective, broad-spectrum antimicrobial spray
  • Kills a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi and viruses
  • Effective against most opportunistic micro organisms associated with skin problems
  • Deep penetrating formula for effective action
  • Conditions skin and coat to speed healing without burning or irritation
  • Non-flammable, non-staining
  • Pleasant fragrance
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    Proud Flesh Dust -Pharm-Vet

    A counter-irritant, astringent and antiseptic powder for slow healing wounds with a tendency towards proud flesh (exuberant granulations).

    Red-Kote Spray

    Easy to apply. 5-oz. spray can.
    Red-Kote® is an antiseptic, nondrying wound dressing designed to fight infection and speed healing. Provides fast healing for lacerations, wire cuts, scratches, burns, chafes, slow healing ulcers, and other superficial animal wounds. Keeps delicate tissues soft and pliable, and stimulates new skin growth.

    Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care

    237 mL (8 oz.)
    One-step, topical spray that cleans wounds, treats infection and kills bacteria including antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Use to treat hot spots, rain rot, outer ear infections, yeast infections, and rashes. This steroid-free, antibiotic-free, no-rinse solution is non-toxic and speeds healing. This revolutionary anti-microbial wound treatment kills antibiotic-resistant forms of bacteria as well as fungi, viruses and spores. Vetericyn will not harm healthy tissue. Being pH neutral, it will not sting when applied. Tests free for competitive animals.

    Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care

    473 ml (16 oz.)
    Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care is intended for the OTC management of skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin. Safe for use on all animal species. Safe & Non-Toxic, no alcohol, no steriods or no antibiotics. Non-irritating & non-sensitizing. Safe if licked or ingested. Works on all animal skin types. Veterinarian recommended. minor burns, abrasions, sores & skin irritations.

    Vetericyn Wound/Infection Treatment

    8 oz. spray
    Utilizing an FDA-cleared technology this topical wound treatment works naturally with the animal’s immune system to kill bacteria viruses fungi and spores without harming healthy tissue. This new product can be used to treat a variety of wounds skin ulcers and abrasions and it is available in a convenient no-rinse formula. This product is free of steroids and antibiotics. Features: – Promotes rapid healing – No steroids antibiotics alcohols or tea tree oils – Reduces chronic inflammation – Safe as water (ph neutral)- Non toxic

    Wonder Dust

    A dressing powder and blood coagulant for cuts, abrasions, wounds and capillary bleeding. A caustic and drying agent for slow healing sores and infected lesions. Activated charcoal aids in prevention of proud flesh. Stops bleeding fast, dries wound quickly controls tissue granulations and removes odors.

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